Not Your Mother's Bra, Part 3 - Fitting Tips

- Straps are digging in or slipping off?

Both scenarios are the result of a band that's too big. Try sizing down.

- Are there gaps or are you sagging?

Your cup should hug your curves. Try going down a cup size.

- Is your underwire digging in?

The underwire should fit flat against your ribcage, try a bigger band size or deeper cup.

- Is your band riding up or digging in?

Your band should be comfortably snug. Try a bigger band size if it's digging in and a smaller band size if it's riding up.

- Are you popping out?

If you're overflowing at the top or sides, try a larger cup size.

-The band should sit straight across from front to back

-             -The gorge, where the two wires meet, should sit flat on the rib cage

- The wire should be sitting in the fold of the bust tissue (not on the stomach, not away from the body and not on the bust tissue itself)

-The cups should sit flush with the bust tissue, nice and smooth (no gaping or spilling over)

-To check if your bra is fitting correctly, lift your arms above your head (like you’re at a concert). Your bra shouldn’t pull away from your body, ride up or expose your bust from under the bra line.