A Little More Shine!

Add More Shine To Your Holidays!

This year I bought a new tree topper for the Christmas tree, but it was missing something. The sparkle wasn’t enough to blend in with the decorations on the tree. Check out this little afternoon project I put together to bring a little bling to our new tree topper!



If you want to try this out for yourself you’ll need, Mod Podge, a painting brush, fine glitter in the colour of your choice, a medium size bowl, spoon, spray varnish and a paint pen for any fine detailing.

Because my surface is rough to begin with I didn’t have to sand it down. If you’re working on a smooth surface you will want to use sand paper to create a rough surface so that the mod podge (glue) you’re using will have something to grab on to. (If you do sand the surface remember to clean it of any dust or debris before you start applying working.)

I really like the copper colouring of this star so I decided to start with this colour of glitter as well. While I was looking at the different colours of copper I realized that if there was only one tone of copper then there won’t be any depth to the colour. I ended up picking up 2 tones of coppers. Mixing them together gave the glitter more interest. Put more glitter into the bowl then you think you’ll need. 

2 Tones of Copper Glitter

2 Tones of Copper Glitter

Glue 2.jpg

Use the paint brush to apply the mod podge to one area at a time, this way it won’t dry before you have time to dust the glitter across it. Using the spoon, scoop up the glitter and dust it across the area that you just applied the mod podge to. To reduce the mess I held the star over the bowl. The extra glitter that didn’t stick to the star would fall back into the bowl. (Depending on the item you’re decorating and the size of your bowl, you may by able to roll the item in the glitter.)

Glitter 2.jpg

I repeated this process until the star was completely covered in glitter. This is the time to apply any additional embellishments using the paint pen. I let the star dry over night, the next day I applied the spray lacquer to seal the glitter. When you seal the piece it stops additional glitter from being removed when touched.

Glitter Done.jpg

When I put the star on the top of the tree, I added a few extra lights near the top and it really made the glitter twinkle, Try it out!